Promote Clearblue as the trusted and reliable digital pregnancy test for newlyweds and first-time moms

Clearblue, a leading company specializing in pregnancy and ovulation tests, launched a high-impact digital campaign in Malaysia aimed at promoting their product, the Clearblue digital pregnancy test.

Utilizing ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign reached audiences interested in various topics including parenting tips, pregnancy planning, newborn care, health & wellness news as targeted by visuals, categories, and keywords.

Additionally, ADBRO utilized Computer Vision matching techniques to associate specific visuals, such as newlyweds, couples, and children, that resonate with the target audience. These visuals were predominantly sought after by female audiences.

Interactive formats were employed to provide an engaging experience, successfully reaching over 4.5 million people by highlighting the product as an accurate digital pregnancy test.

Clearblue employed interactive advertising formats for the campaign, utilizing quiz features and instant landing in the form of cards. 

They used In-image Banner with Cards and quiz + instant landing: IBC[quiz]+IL, employes the quiz feature of pregnancy prediction, allowing  audiences to interact with the ads by answering the questions related to pregnancy.

Additionally, ADBRO incorporated instant landing, enabling audiences to conveniently purchase the product through various options. This feature allows users to seamlessly navigate from the advertisement to their preferred stores, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

This approach successfully reached over 4.5 million people, achieving a view rate of 79%, engagement rate of 11%, and a click-through rate of over 1.8%.

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