Highlight product features through interactive video creatives to increase brand awareness

Dyson, a british technology company that specializes in designing and manufacturing household appliances, in collaboration with IPG Mediabrands agency, launched a high-impact digital campaign in Malaysia to promote their product, Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner.

With the objective of promoting their product to Malaysian audiences, ADBRO implemented a highly effective contextual strategy, specifically targeting parents interested in home appliances, home improvement, gardening, pets, family, and hygiene-related topics as targeted by relevant visuals, categories, and keywords.

Moreover, recognizing the significance of targeting the target demographic, ADBRO's campaign went a step further to focus on affluent audiences who own premium phone models and reside in higher income areas, who are more likely to value and invest in top-quality home appliances.

Dyson utilized ADBRO's high impact In-image Banner with Video and Interactive Card: IBVC[interactive] format ads to promote their product in a visually appealing

This creative strategy aimed to showcase how the Dyson V15 vacuum cleaner addresses and effectively tackles these pet-related issues by enticing users to interact with the creative and watch the informative videos, aiming to build a deeper understanding and highlight its relevance to pet owners and households with pets.

The campaign's interactive approach not only promoted brand engagement but also positioned Dyson as a brand that offers practical solutions to everyday challenges faced by pet owners. Dyson aimed to connect with audiences concerned with maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment.

Dyson successfully achieved viewability rates of over 70%, engagement rates of over 11% through interactions with rich media cards, and click-through rates of over 1.4%.

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