Relaunch Foodpanda across Southeast Asia to increase market share in the delivery industry

Foodpanda, an online food and grocery delivery platform owned by Berlin-based Delivery Hero, collaborated with IPG Mediabrands to launch a high-impact digital campaign in Malaysia and Thailand aimed to refresh the brand's identity and attract new customers.

By leveraging ADBRO's contextual targeting strategy, the campaign successfully reached audiences interested in food, beverages, shopping, groceries, and promotions. Additionally, ADBRO employed Computer Vision and Semantic Analysis to target competitors and seasonal events such as Ramadan and Chinese New Year.

Furthermore, ADBRO conducted comprehensive tests by employing dynamic optimization and weather triggers to adjust the campaign in response to heavy rain conditions.The effectiveness of the campaign was further enhanced through the utilization of CM tracking, enabling accurate measurement and analysis of key metrics.

Foodpanda leveraged ADBRO's high impact In-image Banner with Cards and Interactive elements: IBC[interactive] , In-image Banner with Interactive Cards, triggering Full screen Takeover: IBC[interactive]+FT, and In-image Banner with Takeover, Counter and Video Sticker: IB+T[counter]+S format ads.

The campaign focused on captivating user interest through animated videos and character appearances on the user's screen aimed to drive consideration by showcasing a variety of products and promotions that are contextually relevant and triggered by user behavior. 

This combination of engaging visuals and targeted messaging effectively captured the attention of the audience and increased their interest in the brand's offerings.

Foodpanda successfully reached over 10 million people, achieved view rates of over 70%, click-through rates of over 1.8%, and engagement rates of over 7%

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