Drive potential audience to make purchase by highlighting special discounts and prices for promoted products

Market Kurly, an online service specializing in fresh groceries and healthy food, in collaboration with BAT agency, launched a high impact digital campaign in South Korea.

By leveraging ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign successfully reached audiences interested in food and beverage, shopping, home and kitchen products, and family-related content as targeted by relevant visuals, categories, and keywords.  Emphasizing ad placement on desktop platforms was prioritized to optimize reach and enhance engagement.

Through this strategy, this campaign aimed to boost website session to generate positive signals from people interested in the brand. marked by viewability rates exceeding 90%, an engagement rate of nearly 9%, and an impressive click-through rate of almost 1%.

Market Kurly employed ADBRO's high impact In-image banner with Carousel Cards: IBC[carousel] and ADBRO+ format ads

The creative approach employed aimed to effectively showcase promoted products, which were aligned with the website's ongoing promotions, to targeted audiences. This was achieved through visually engaging card format ads that featured special discounts and prices, compelling the audience to seize the enticing offers.

This approach delivered positive results, including a viewability rate over 90%, a click-through rate close to 1%, engagement rates of nearly 9%, and an outstanding click-to-session ratio of almost 60%.

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