Elevate audience connection, amplify festive celebrations such as CNY and Raya through impactful promotions

Lotus's, one of Malaysia's leading hypermarket operators, has partnered with IPG Mediabrands to launch a high-impact digital campaigns in Malaysia.

By leveraging ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign successfully reached audiences interested in shopping, home products, food, and family-related content. This was achieved through targeted visuals, relevant categories, and carefully chosen keywords.

Furthermore, through ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign effectively reached audiences with relevant content during festive occasions like Chinese New Year and Raya. This approach aimed to engage and celebrate the festivities with relevant audience connections.

Through this strategy, the campaign successfully reached over 11 million people, it effectively showcased Lotus's promoted product lines and integrated relevant festivals such as CNY and Raya, thereby enhancing awareness among the target audience.

Lotus's utilized ADBRO's high impact In-image Banner with Cards: IBC, In-image Banner with Video and Sticker: IBV+S, In-image Banner with Flipcards: IBC[flip] and In-image Banner with Decorations: IBC[decor]

With the aim of connecting with the audience and enhancing the celebration, creative approaches were employed to showcase Lotus's product lines during significant festivals like Chinese New Year and Raya.

These approaches seamlessly incorporated promotional activities to create a memorable and engaging experience.

This approach successfully reached of over 11 million people, accompanied by impressive VR of 84%, a click-through rate of over 2%, and engagement rate of 11%

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