Promote Maggi Cukup Rasa as a flavorful enhancer for dishes by showcasing recipe ideas to targeted audiences.

Maggi, an international brand of seasonings, instant soups, and noodles, in collaboration with Publicis Groupe agency to launch a compelling digital campaign in Malaysia. The primary objective was to promote Maggi's Cukup Rasa product

By leveraging ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign successfully reached female audiences who exhibited a keen interest in cooking, recipes, and food & beverage content. This achievement was accomplished by strategically employing visuals, categories, and keywords tailored to their preferences and behaviors.

Furthermore, ADBRO's enhanced Brand Safety control played a crucial role in ensuring the campaign's safety. This feature enabled the exclusion of non-halal and fast food content, thereby maintaining a suitable context and aligning with Maggi's brand values.

Maggi utilized ADBRO's high impact In-image banner with Carousel Cards: IBC[carousel] and In-image Banner: IB

Maggi utilized the carousel card format ads to present a diverse range of food recipes that can be easily prepared using Maggi products. This format allowed them to showcase multiple recipes in a visually appealing and interactive manner.

Through this creative, the campaign achieved a click-through rate of above 1.4% and generated over 8k clicks throughout its duration.

The CTR of above 1.4% and click over 8k indicated that the campaign successfully captured the audience's interest and motivated them to take action by clicking on the ads. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the creative strategy in engaging the target audience and compelling them to interact with the content.

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