Promote Nescafé by enhancing the coffee experience through product enjoyment

Nescafé, a coffee brand produced by Nestlé, collaborated with Dentsu agency to launch a high-impact digital campaign in Indonesia. The primary objective of the campaign was to promote Nescafé's range of coffee products, Nescafé Classic, Ala Café, Cappuccino, and Latte.

To effectively reach their target audience, Nescafé employed ADBRO's contextual strategy, which involved identifying and targeting individuals with an interest in food and beverage, lifestyle, and entertainment content. This strategic approach allowed Nescafé to capture the attention of the desired audience by utilizing visuals, relevant categories, and targeted keywords.

The campaign, which ran over 2 months, successfully engaged and connected with over 2.3 million people through ADBRO's high-impact channel through PMP delivery via DV360, that enabled Nescafé to effectively deliver their promotional content to the target audience.

Nescafé utilized In-image Banner with decor, Takeover & Sticker (IB[decor]+T+S) and In-image Banner with Video Cards (IBVC).

Nescafé showcased their product variants by highlighting the promotional message "Cobain Dinginnya" to convey that products are especially enjoyable when consumed with ice

Furthermore, Nescafé engaged with the audience through video and card format ads. These ads featured do-it-yourself (DIY) recipes for making coffee using various enjoyable methods. By presenting these creative and engaging coffee-making ideas, Nescafé aimed to connect with the audience and spark their interest in exploring different ways to enjoy their coffee.

Through this creative approach, Nescafé successfully reached over 2.3 million people with engagement rate (ER) of over 9%, and CTR of almost 1.4%

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