Promote Milo as kids' top nutrition choice, connecting with the thrill of SEA Games

Milo, the world's leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water, partnered with Mindshare and Precision, launched a high-impact digital campaign in Vietnam to promote their product and connect with SEA Games.

By leveraging ADBRO's contextual targeting, the campaign effectively reached female audiences with an interest in recipe, food & beverage, parenting, and education-related content. 

Additionally, ADBRO utilized advanced technologies such as Semantic Analysis and Computer Vision to precisely target content related to sports and the SEA Games to connect with the festive excitement surrounding these topics, thereby enhancing its relevance and resonance with the audience.

To further ensure brand safety, ADBRO implemented custom filtering measures, which were controlled by third-party tracking provided by IAS (Integral Ad Science). 

Creative Approach

Milo employed the In-image Banner with Takeover format (IB+T) to captivate the audience's attention with a visually impactful animated takeover format ads.

Milo employed this creative strategy to establish their product as the preferred choice of nutrition for children. 

Furthermore, ADBRO leveraged another takeover format of ads to create a connection with the enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding the SEA Games. The objective was to encourage support and enthusiasm for the national team participating in the SEA Games. By aligning with this exciting event, Milo aimed to foster a sense of national pride.

Through this creative strategy, Milo successfully reached over 1.8 million people with the viewability rate of over 76%, click-through rate surpassed 1.2%, impressive engagement rate of 10%.

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