Optimizing Target Reach: Nicorette's Innovative Approach to Connect with Smokers Intent on Quitting

Nicorette, a leading brand in nicotine replacement therapy solutions, collaborated with UM Agency and was programmatically executed by Matterkind to roll out a compelling digital campaign in Thailand. 

The key innovation was the integration of quizzes within high-impact in-image ads. These quizzes had a twofold purpose: to elevate engagement and to adjust targeting based on real-time feedback about whether target audience smoke.

ADBRO analyzed the segments, identified through its contextual targeting technology, that had a higher percentage of positive responses to the quiz question about smoking. This data-driven approach allowed for recalibration of the targeting strategy, effectively doubling the campaign's reach among smokers. With the phasing out of cookies synchronization, such calibration methods are becoming increasingly vital to reach relevant customers.

Campaign was executed via a fixed CPM setup in DV360, in line with the pre-committed full-funnel performance metrics guaranteed by ADBRO, which were successfully met during the campaign delivery.

Nicorette leveraged ADBRO's high-impact In-image banner with Video Cards and Quizz: IBVC[quizz] and In-image Banner with Cards and Quizz: IBC[quizz]. These ad units had both interactive quizzes and video cards for extra branding impact.

Quizzes segmented the audience by smoking habits and quit plans, boosting engagement through personalization. Real-time responses further honed targeting to groups with more smokers.


The campaign met all planned metrics, reaching >3.8 million people and achieving a near 1% CTR

The volume of quiz responses was sufficient to recalibrate targeting, effectively doubling reach among high-value smokers. This not only enhanced engagement but also improved in-target accuracy

Campaign's success in targeting a higher share of smokers also created the potential for significant social impact, as more people are likely to quit smoking if they purchase the product.

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