Elevate product awareness during the World No-Tobacco Day, incentivizing the audience to explore Nicorette offer, while fostering interaction with the brand through an engaging Quit Smoking Quiz

Nicorette, a leading brand in nicotine replacement therapy solutions, collaborated with UM Agency and was programmatically executed by Matterkind to roll out a compelling digital campaign in Thailand. 

Strategy and Execution

To deliver precise targeting, ADBRO leveraged advanced Semantic Analysis and Computer Vision algorithms.

Group 1:  Males aged 25-44, with primary interests in family content, followed by lifestyle content.

Group 2: Males aged 45+, with a primary focus on Health/Illness content, also followed by lifestyle content.

Creative Elements

Campaign used In-Image Banner with a Quiz (IBC[quiz]) to gauge the level of interest in quitting smoking among participants. Quiz outcomes seamlessly integrated product promotion, heightening product consideration.


Contextual targeting allowed to reach >30+% of high-intent smokers, genuinely contemplating quitting. The interactive quiz format simultaneously elevated brand consideration and offered 1P data for fine-tuning future targeting of this high-value segment.

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