Drive sales growth by positioning Sensodyne toothpaste as the preferred solution for sensitive teeth

Sensodyne, a brand of toothpaste that is specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth, in collaboration with Publicis Groupe, launched a high-impact digital campaign in Indonesia.

ADBRO utilized computer vision technology to precisely target images featuring people with smiling expressions and tooth images. This advanced technology enables to specifically tailor our content towards families and adult audiences interested in health and oral care.

Furthermore, this campaign implemented custom filtering mechanisms controlled by IAS (Integral Ad Science) to further enhance brand safety. The campaign was successfully executed through PMP delivery via DV360, ensuring efficient and controlled content delivery.

Sensodyne leveraged ADBRO's high impact In-image Banner with Takeover & Sticker: IB+T+S and In-image banner with Video Cards: IBVC format ads.

The creative strategy focused on promoting oral care for sensitive teeth through engaging video and card format ads. These ads were specifically designed to showcase the unique selling points (USPs) of the product, highlighting its key features and benefits. 

The campaign emphasized eight distinct benefits of the product, ensuring that potential customers were aware of its comprehensive range of advantages, the strategy aimed to resonate with the target audience and drive awareness and sales for oral care in relation to sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne successfully reached over 1.5 million people, achieving a click-through rate of over 1.2%. Moreover, it achieved a VR-6 (View Rate at 6 seconds) above 26% and a VR-15 (View Rate at 15 seconds) of over 18%.

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